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At DeBuck’s Sod Farm, we strive to grow the best sod Mother Nature allows, and then provide our customers with top notch service. We have an office staff to assist your needs and a fleet of trucks to deliver your sod fresh and fast.

We sell sod to landscapers, contractors, and nursery centers, as well as directly to homeowners. Our fleet of trucks can deliver to your home or job-site with a handy piggyback forklift, or you can pick up at our farm in Davison during business hours.

Delivery orders have a choice of our standard farm pallet with deposit, or our push-off service where sod is mechanically unloaded from the pallet.

We spend over 12 – 18 months growing and taking care of the sod before it is harvested. We choose the best seed varieties, prep the soil, eliminate the weeds, fertilize, water, and mow the sod to ensure it provides an instant lawn.


Our Products

DeBuck's Premium Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

Our premium Kentucky Bluegrass Sod has a lush, dark green color, with a medium width leaf blade, and performs best in full to part sun, with fertilized soil and moderate watering. It has a medium to high traffic tolerance and self repairs damaged areas with rhizomes. Kentucky Bluegrass is the most widely used, cool season turf-grass, and is well suited for lawns, athletic fields, golf courses, and other general purpose areas.

Technical Specs:
Standard Sod Roll: 10 sq ft, 2ft by 5ft, 20-30 lbs Kentucky Bluegrass Sod: uniform blend of 4 varieties – seed tags available upon request

"My Holiday Lawn" Sod *NEW*

You can take a holiday from mowing your lawn with our unique new sod. This turfgrass has a compact and low-growing leaf canopy that looks lush and green even when mowed as little as once a month. “My Holiday Lawn” is a sod quality Kentucky Bluegrass and meets or exceeds industry standards while also saving you time and money from reduced mowing. More information available at www.MyHolidayLawn.com

Technical Specs:
My Holiday Lawn Sod: uniform monostand of compact, low-growing Kentucky Bluegrass Soil Substrate: histosol soil, comprised primarily of organic materials, lightweight and holds water well

DeBuck's Tall Fescue Sod

Our Tall Fescue Sod can handle a variety of soil conditions and excels at withstanding hot, dry weather. It also has the highest wear resistance, and our new turf-type variety also has root knitting capability. Leaf blades are coarser and taller than other lawn turfs, but Tall Fescue Sod creates a lawn with less inputs and lower maintenance. Tall Fescue Sod is ideal for roadside restoration, sports turf, parks, and other low maintenance areas.

Technical Specs:
Tall Fescue Sod: uniform mono-stand of spreading, turf-type No-Net Tall Fescue

DeBuck's Fine Fescue Mix Sod

Our Fine Fescue Mix Sod is ideal for a well-drained, shady area. It is also drought tolerant, handles acidic conditions, and is low maintenance. Our mix incorporates several varieties of Fine Fescue, as well as a small percentage of select Kentucky Bluegrass for mixed sun areas.

Technical Specs:
Fine Fescue Mix Sod: 90% blend of Red Fescue with 10% compatible Kentucky Bluegrass

DeBuck's Sod Quality Seed

Our Sod Quality Seed is perfect for matching to our sod since it is the same premium seed we use to grow the sod. We 100% recommend a starter fertilizer application at the time of install. For your convenience, we sell it at our farm, or can bring it with your sod delivery. If you are installing sod on a steep slope, secure it with our 7.5″ wooden sod stakes. Place the stakes on the top two corners and pound them in flush. There’s no need to remove them; they decompose over time.

Additional Ordering Information:

  • Our sod comes in rolls that measure 2 ft x 5 ft (10 sq ft)
  • Pick up orders can be customized in 10 sq ft increments
  • Delivery orders can be placed in 100 sq ft increments
  • Sod is cut FRESH to order each day, so please order one day in advance for pick-up
  • Delivery can usually be scheduled 2 – 3 days in advance


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12163 Lippincott Blvd.
Davison, MI 48423
Phone: 810.653.2201
Fax: 810.653.9680
Email: Office@DeBuckSodFarm.com

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